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How do I beat the flies?

Richard Martin

A: For a complete herbal program use the following:

1. Use GlobalVite and FlaxOil as the spring starts (GlobalVite should really be used all year round). This will help keep body defenses really strong. A little Black Salt each day may also help maintain skin comfort.

2. If your horse is not itching but has trouble with flies use FlyFree in the food. It works in a day or two and also helps soothe fly bites and support slightly itchy skin. Works very well with Fly Sheets. Good shops now stock a wide range of great fly sheets – they keep horses cool and comfortable.

3. If your horse is itching – use Skratch products. Best to start 1 month before itching usually starts but you can also strart at any time of the season. Excellent with Boett rugs (or other similar best product) if necessary.

4. Do not use sprays and strong chemicals at all if possible.



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