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Horse Hoof | Hoofs place in the modern day…a 2 part story | Global Herbs

Chris Price

Hoofs Background

Horse hoofs are key to overall health. Equine hooves are rather like nails.  When our nutrition is perfect then our nails grow well, do not crack, and look wonderful.

I was once in South Africa and a local said they had always had problems with their race horse’s hooves no matter what they fed and no matter what supplement they used (Before the days of HOOF from Global Herbs). In desperation, these Africans decided to turn the horses out in the ‘Veld’ for a summer.  Surprise, surprise the horses came back at the end of the summer with perfect hooves.  It had not taken too long because they had been able to choose exactly what they needed from grass that was growing over a wide variety of different soil types. I am sure they also grazed on plenty of shrines and herbs from the woodland.

Back in the UK, we do not have a ‘Veld’ – 1000s of acres of open savannah.  The best we can do is feed our horses as well as we can and perhaps use ‘Super Supplements’ to provide the extra nutrition that they are unable to find naturally.

The B vitamin biotin is not generally absorbed well and each horse has its own unique Microbiome (a term which describes the entire gut bacteria population) which means that if hooves are not right, special ingredients that you feed for hooves may not be absorbed very well because of bad bacteria in the gut. Solving Microbiome problems may be possible with a ‘Gut Support’ formula but it is not easy.  It is better to use herbs that latch on to minerals and vitamins and move them into the body in an almost supernatural way.

I discovered Cissus Quadrangularis in Sudan, Africa in the 1990s.  Tribes people use it to strengthen their horses and when combined with the right synergistic plants it makes all the difference we need.  I have used it in ladies in the US and they constantly ask me for more because their nails and hair grow so strong. So, at Global Herbs, I started to use all the feedback and ideas and came up with a formula that used Cissus, amino acids and minerals to cover all bases.

Horse hoof


From ‘horse hoof’ to HOOF

A few years ago, a lady from a UK magazine phoned me and asked for some samples of HOOF. She said she had seen someone saying that if you fed the HOOF supplement then owners could see new horn growing down from the coronary band at the rope of the hoof after only 4-6 weeks.

After a couple of months, she was shocked and wrote it up in her editorial.  She saw a new line of horn growing down after a month. We were happy, she was happy and so was the Global Herbs family.

Our horses’ bodies are wonderfully made and all they need is a little helping hand.  We are so grateful that we can use such amazing herbs which can fill in the gaps in our feeding programs so easily. The key vitamins and minerals are:  bioavailable biotin, super absorbable complex chelated minerals like zinc and of course amino acids to finish it all off.

On the other hand, perhaps you could just let your horse go free for the summer on your own 5000-acre ranch (I wish ?).

Horse hoof

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horse hoof

March 16, 2020 Chris Price


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