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Hoof with Laminitis | 3 Amazing Options

Chris Price

A hoof with laminitis is a worrying sight. In a healthy state, a horse’s hooves are relatively smooth on the outside and look wonderful, just like your favourite pair of shoes. When there are rings in the hooves or ridges, this means something has upset the growth of horn in the past. A hoof with laminitis can really look unsightly and is extremely painful for your horse.

If a horse’s hooves don’t look perfect it is a sign that there has been some trouble in the foot in the recent past. It takes approximately 9 months for a horse’s hooves to grow right down from the coronary band, so if we see rings in the horn at the tip of the hoof, this is a sign that there have been problems a long time ago. These rings, much like a tree give us a detailed insight into the past.

The 2 membranes that hold the foot (pedal) bone inside the hoof are called the sensitive and insensitive laminae. Laminitis is a term that just means ‘inflammation’ of these laminae and when this happens it is because something has interfered with the blood that flows through the laminae. A hoof with laminitis is really in trouble and really hurts similar to your own nail hurting when it gets stuck in a door. When your finger gets shut in a door the pain stops fairly quickly but not so with laminitis – it goes on all the time if your horse is unlucky, causing severe discomfort even to just stand.

There are solutions for a hoof with laminitis (but it is difficult).

Here are 3 options you can try today

  1. Taking your horse off rich, dense food
  2. You can use digestive tonics to soothe the breakdown of food
  3. If the problem is caused by high levels of steroids in the body (Cushing’s issues or metabolic imbalance) you can use immune support agents and plants that help balance blood sugar levels

Today I spoke to a lady who had had an old horse with hoof laminitis and Cushing’s and her darling boy could not take the prescription that was on hand as it made him so ill. As a result, she used Immune support together with Agnus Castus and his hormone levels went down from 500 to 60 in few short months. The vet was shocked but she was happy and her darling even happier. It would be nice if all stories had such happy endings. – Stephen Ashdown

But how do we regrow hooves that look unsightly?

Well, it’s all about nutrition, but often even good nutrition is not enough to make the difference. A hoof with laminitis needs very special nutrition. Top-quality vitamin formulas provide what an ordinary horse needs very well because of the special chelated minerals that they contain. Some herbal formulae work even better if you want them to look splendid in as short a time as possible. Any horse can do with this approach no matter what its condition, testimonials in the past trialling Herbal products have said that they could see a new ring of horn growing down in less than a month which is very impressive.

Hoof with laminitis


In the wild, horses are very good at seeking out these plants themselves but on restricted grazing, they need more of a helping hand, from the right proprietary mix. When you get the correct mix of dietary control, veterinary input, and the right herbs, a lot of problems improve even completely.


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