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Helping an underweight horse

Chris Price

Question. I’ve taken on a rescue horse, who is underweight with poor coat condition. Is there any supplements that will help?

Answer. Our traditional liver support supplement, Restore, is an ideal product to keep your horse looking and feeling good and maintains general condition, growth and body weight in horses. Restore also supports efficient digestion, helping horses utilise food more effectively so your horse can get the most from his food.

For quick action and palatability, the liquid form would be ideal. Some customers find that their horses prefer the powdered form, which is more economical than the liquid, however it can be less palatable.

We recommend feeding our vitamin and mineral supplement, GlobalVite all year round for maintaining healthy joints, skin & hooves. GlobalVite contains high specification vitamins and minerals that are easily absorbed to help maintain top condition and prime immune system.

If you are looking for extra coat condition maintenance, you could also try Flax Oil which keeps the skin and hair in good condition as well as maintaining joint suppleness and the body’s defence system.


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