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GlobalVite helps to support healthy joints, skin, hooves and much more. Great for changeable weather condition, it tastes delicious and can be fed all year round. Suitable for all horses and ponies as a stand alone supplement.

Immune system stability

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Key Ingredients

Chelated Minerals


Brewers Yeast

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Supports healthy joints

Can be fed all year round

Maintains peak condition

Vitamins and Minerals

High specification vitamins and minerals for maximum absorption

Modern Feeding

For use with all modern feeding regimes

Immunity and well being

Maintains immunity, general well being and good coat and hoof condition

The essential safe supplement to enrich the modern equine diet

Safe Supplement

25 Years of providing the very best feed supplements

Global Herbs aims to supply horse owners with the very best feed supplements from around the world.

Trusted by businesses worldwide

Global Herbs tries to make your experience as smooth as possible, providing different products for every need.

All our tubs are Category 5 recyclable plastic

All our tubs are recyclable according to the Cat 5 standard. All of our boxes and air pockets are 100% recyclable


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Quality without compromise...


We fingerprint all of our herbs, this ensures we know where each of one our ingredients has come from. We carefully monitor what goes in to every one one of our products and track every herb through its lifetime, straight from source.

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