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The Global Herbs Guide to Summer

May 26, 2016 Chris Price

We all love the summer, with the long evenings and light mornings. We’ve got much more daylight time to spend with our 4-legged friends in the warm sunshine, but for some horse owners summer brings along its own set of hurdles…

For some, summer brings misery in the form of excessive itching, irritating swarms of flies, runny noses and head tossing that makes your evening ride difficult to enjoy. If this sounds like you, don’t worry. Help is at hand with Global Herbs and our carefully selected 100% natural ingredients!


Fed up of flies?
Citronella Spray Front FlyFree 1kg Front Fly Free 500ml Front
FlyFree is the original in-feed formula, designed using strong smelling herbs such as Cedar, Garlic and Turmeric that get ingested with the feed, and their scent escapes through the pores of the horses skin. It is this scent that flies really hate! If flies bother your horse or pony during the summer months, try feeding FlyFree to discourage flies from landing on the skin. You can even bathe your horse with FlyFree Shine Shampoo for extra support, but please remember not to bathe your horse too often as doing so can remove essential natural oils from the skin and coat. Try our cooling Citronella Spray too for a complete approach to dealing with flies.


Itchy Skin?

Skratch Plus 500g Front Itch & Bite Cream 200g Front
Summer itching is a common problem and it can drive both horse and owner mad. With natural cedar extract, Skratch Plus has a double action of soothing the skin and helping to keep flies and midges away. Although you will need to feed Skratch Plus alongside a management regime that may involve special rugs and careful monitoring, this supplement can help itchy equines to feel much more comfortable during the warmer months. If the skin is itching or bitten, you can also use Itch & Bite Cream. This versatile cream can be diluted with water to use over larger areas. As always please test a small area of skin first, and we don’t recommend that Itch & Bite Cream is used on open wounds.


Laminae Concerns?

No matter how hard we try, some horses and ponies can just look at a blade of grass out in the field and they’re in trouble. To try and stay away from problems arising from excess sugar and hormone imbalances, we recommend feeding LamiPro. LamiPro is based on our traditional liver tonic and detoxifier and works to support the liver and the digestive system. By helping the digestive system to work efficiently and effectively, your horse can make better use of the nutrients in its diet. LamiPro should be fed alongside a careful management regime that may involve stabling or restricted grazing.


Irritated airways?

Pollenex 1kg Front Pollenex Syrup 1ltr Front ShakeFree Summer 1kg Front
In the summer months, the appearance of large swathes of yellow in the fields can fill the heart of horse owners with dread as many different airborne particles start to wreak havoc. Not only do owners start sneezing, but horses can have a hard time as well. Supplementation with this traditional blend of plants in syrup or powder form can be a great help. PolleneX can be used for noses, eyes and the head. If PolleneX doesn’t give your horse the support he needs, try Shakefree Summer Formula; based on the unique blend of herbs in PolleneX, but with added Frankincense to maintain comfort in the head and airways.



SuperCalm 1kg Front SuperCalm Instant 5 Sachets Front
We get up to much more with our horses in the summer, be it lessons, hacking, competitions, shows or pleasure rides. All these exciting activities can cause some horses to lose concentration and become anxious, nervous, and sometimes naughty or even dangerous. SuperCalm has been formulated to help horses to keep their concentration and take the edge off of nervous behaviour. Using a combination of herbs with an antioxidant type action, it helps to combat free radicals and helps horses to relax and start enjoying themselves more. For days when your horse needs extra support (e.g. travelling, clipping or a visit to the vet), try a SuperCalm Instant sachet; a concentrated form of SuperCalm that works within 2-3 hours and lasts over half a day.

For more information on our range of summer products, give our dedicated team of advisors a call on 01243 773363.


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