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FriskyMare testimonial: Louise Cumberland and Millie

Chris Price

“I bought my mare Millie a year ago, she is a 15hh coloured cob, very pretty with nice paces but needed a bit of bringing on. As soon as I got her I realised I had an issue with her moods and went through the usual to eliminate any problems – saddle, back shoes teeth etc. As we had such a mild winter, she seemed to be in season rather a lot. It was very obvious when she was in a bad mood, from her eye and her general demeanour. Then as soon as the season was over, back to the sweet and gentle mare she normally was. It got so bad that I considered selling her. So as a last chance I decided to give FriskyMare a go. She has become an absolute angel in every way, calm even tempered and sweet-natured.”


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