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FriskyMare – Becky & Maisie

Chris Price

“I’ve had Maisie since August last year and re-homed her from World Horse Welfare so we’ve yet to go through a full spring/summer together.

I’ve recently started Maisie on Global herbs FriskyMare and can honestly say I’m really impressed with it. In less than a week it’s had a real positive affect on her behaviour with clear changes. She was never really naughty to handle but would randomly stop and plant her feet around other horses whilst in season. Feeding FriskyMare has stopped this all together. She is a lot more settled in herself and is now happily turned out with her best friend (picture with the two bays). I am able to walk her through another field and past other horses without the feet planting and generally she is a lot more relaxed and comfortable. A big plus is she eats it in her feed with no issues as she can be quite fussy with anything added! I’ll definitely be continuing with this product.”



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