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FlyFree – Leeann and Mr Black

Chris Price

“In a nut shell, Mr B (Sirius Black if we want his full title) started in April 2015 with itchy skin despite wearing repellents, fly rug and mask contraptions as a regular precaution. At the time I was told it was a form of allergy. He was so poorly, no appetite, he had rubbed his chest, tail and face. After numerous blood tests, skin scrapes and treatment for every parasite possible along with all kinds of lotions and potions he slowly made progress back to his normal self but not before I had cleared the abscesses on his neck. These unfortunately where also due to his itchiness.

However, it all flared up again in the August/September when he not only caused damage to his face and through itching but also bit himself until he bled. At this point I finally had a diagnosis but as an owner I felt so helpless as I had tried all kinds of medications and remedies. To say it was heart breaking to watch his discomfort and also depressive mood doesn’t come close.

It was at that point where I contacted Global Herbs and after taking on board their invaluable advice I tried him on their Skratch products. I did struggle to get these locally (however I now know I can order direct from Global Herbs), and as a result of not being able to get a regular supply I put him on the FlyFree instead and he has now been on this daily since October. I cannot believe the difference! I have been dreading midge and fly season all winter, yet Mr B is so happy. No itching, apart from the usual bum rub, and no bald patches. The only reason he is now missing half of his mane is due to his new lady friend  grooming him.

I can’t recommend this product enough. In fact I also add it to my yearling’s feed who also finds it rather tasty and palatable – Prevention is better than cure!

A huge thank you from myself and Mr Black.”

Please note that although Leeann and Mr Black have found success with FlyFree, we wouldn’t normally recommend this product for itchy horses or ponies as it contains garlic which can have a drying effect on the skin. If your horse struggles with itchy skin, check out SuperSkratch, Skratch Plus or Skratch Syrup.


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