The natural anti-fly supplement


Flyfree is the one and only powerful fly supplement that works quickly to help your horse tolerate flies and midges. This indispensable formula also provides help to soothe insect bites, runny eyes and soreness and even maintains a healthy glossy coat. Introduce Flyfree into feed gradually by adding half a teaspoon on day one and build up to the highest level over 4-5 days.. The recommended amount for an average 500kg horse is 2 x 25ml level scoops twice daily.

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Key Ingredients

Holy Basil

Winter Cherry


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Provides all over body action

Soothes to make your horse happy and comfortable

Effective and fast results on same day fed

Can be stopped and started easily

Natural anti-fly supplement

Pungent herbs are used to ensure that flies really hate it. FlyFree ensures full body action.

Modern Feeding

For use with all modern feeding regimes.

Use only a little FlyFree for helpful gentle support or the maximum rate for really great cover.

Make your horse happy and comfortable

You will quickly notice how different your horse behaves and looks as this formula works to reduce fly worry dramatically and makes the skin look great.

Alternative to toxic sprays

The essential safe supplement to enrich the modern equine diet and remove the need for toxic sprays.

25 Years of providing the very best feed supplements

Global Herbs aims to supply horse owners with the very best feed supplements from around the world.

Trusted by over 1,000,000 businesses worldwide

Global Herbs tries to make your experience as smooth as possible, providing different products for every need.

All our tubs are Category 5 recyclable plastic

All our tubs are recyclable according to the Cat 5 standard. All of our boxes and air pockets are 100% recyclable


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We fingerprint all of our herbs, this ensures we know where each of one our ingredients has come from. We carefully monitor what goes in to every one one of our products and track every herb through its lifetime, straight from source.