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Fennel Testimonial: Allison & Harvey

Chris Price

Alison , who works at one of our stockists, Speedgate Enterprises, contacted us to tell us her success with Fennel with her horse Harvey.

“Harvey is a 15 year old 15.1hh Welsh X. I have owned Harvey for the past 10 years purchasing him as a roughly broken five year old.

Harvey has always been a gassy horse and I first started feeding  Fennel when he was six along with Psyllium husks. As the gassiness eased off I took him off of the product. I am a firm believer of ‘why feed something when you don’t need to’.

For years the problem did not arise and all was fine.

Roughly three years ago Harvey started getting gas building up within his stomach. On many occasions, this resulted in few days stay at the equine hospital. Thankfully he is a little fighter and has always managed to correct himself and the gas dispersed though the treatment of pain relief and a muscle relaxer – narrowly avoiding surgery. After the first episode and long discussions with my vet I then decided it was time to add a supplement into his diet to try manage the gas build up within his stomach.


Having used Fennel before and at the time working for Speedgate enterprises and listening to other customers feedback, Global Herbs Fennel was the option I took. He is fed 2 scoops in each feed – one morning and one evening. Along with a strict diet, exercise regime and restricted grazing not only is he much happier in himself but within his ridden life he is so much more pleasant to ride and extremely more willing to cooperate. I believe this is due to the fact he feels a lot more comfortable.

Kind Regards

Allison, Rosie and Harvey”



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