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Feeding FlyFree and Skratch

Richard Martin

Question. Can you feed both FlyFree and Skratch together?

Answer. Some of the herbs in FlyFree and Skratch do overlap and so they are not necessarily needed together.

If your horse is suffering with the flies, it is best to feed FlyFree, which provides a traditional and powerful way to help horses tolerate flies. The plants in FlyFree are digested and pass through the skin to help your horse stay comfortable. FlyFree contains turmeric, cedar and garlic, so additional garlic in your horse’s diet is not needed.

If your horse is itching, we would recommend to try one of our Skratch products which contain turmeric and cedar. Our most popular product, Skratch Plus is a powder that works to maintain normal skin in the most challenging conditions throughout spring and summer months.

Our strongest formula for difficult situations is SuperSkratch. SuperSkratch can be used in both summer and winter, and contains the same formula as Skratch Plus with added digestive herbs. In syrup form, there is also Skratch Syrup which is ideal for fussy feeders.





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