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Equine Skin: Exciting new Skratch Stories

“Flossie came to us a few months ago with a clear skin complaint, she had rubbed the skin under her forelock so much she had caused herself bald patches and open wounds. We quickly added Skratch liquid to her diet in the hopes that it would help clear up any sore lesions and heal her skin.

She has been having Skratch for just over a month and a half now and the difference not only around her forelock but her entire coat condition is amazing. She was having problems growing her winter coat out which was extremely dull and flakey, her coat now is gleaming and looks so healthy.

It’s lovely to have her on a product that we now know will clear and heal any sore patches but gives a great skin and coat condition as well. Would highly recommend!”
Kathryn Barraclough – Yorkshire, England

“My coloured cob, Sam, has always suffered with being really itchy through the summer months and last year he had rubbed half of his mane away through all of the scratching! We tried the Global Herbs Skratch as part of a product trial and I am so pleased with the results. After just a few days I started to notice the smell of the Skratch on his skin and the flies seemed to be bothering him less than the other ponies in his field. After trialing it for a full month he is definitely less itchy and his coat is in great condition, but best of all he just seems happier in himself.”Tracey Cousins- Nottinghamshire, England

“I tried Skratch as part of a product trial for my two Dales ponies; my mare, Misty, who suffers badly with itching and flies and my colt, George, who is more generally itchy, always having a good scratch on his haynet whenever he comes into his stable! After feeding the Skratch Misty is able to go out in just a fly sheet rather than her Boett rug and George has completely stopped itching on his haynet!”Hannah – Powys, Wales

“I’ve been using this product on my little mini cob “Black Betty”and simply can’t believe the difference it has made to her quality of life….. She has got her Mojo back.

Last year Betty developed a skin condition which made her coat extremely greasy and with large patches of flaking skin and raised bumps. This made her ultra sensitive to touch and she became highly distressed with flys, to the point where she would throw herself on the floor to try and escape them and she itched constantly.

I tried injections and lotions and potions from the vet which would work for a couple of weeks and then we would be back to square one again.

But since using Superskratch she has improved week on week and her coat is amazing. She is back to herself….. Happy, cheeky and not itchy… I can’t thank you enough.

I fed Betty 3 scoops of Superskratch for the first month (a loading dose to really get it into her system) and then dropped it down to two scoops, one in the morning and one at night.

She is now on 1 1/2 scoops a day.

She is always covered with a fly rug but has been able to stay out in the field 24/7 for the last couple of weeks while the weather has been hot….. She would never have been able to do this last year?”Dee Shears- South East England


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