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Evie’s April Update

Chris Price

Evie has had a lovely couple of weekends starting with a trip to Sykehouse and training with Jo Whittaker.

Breeze did some confidence building gridwork and it gave them a chance to work on position and timing. This was then incorporated into a small course, making it a great lesson.We stayed overnight thanks to Nik and Ellie Stevenson who are very supportive – this enabled Evie to compete the following evening. It was a new challenge as they hadn’t competed under the floodlights but they enjoyed it to finish fourth in the 70 and just a circle in the 80 as Evie lost her stirrup.What a lovely friendly venue it is – made perfect with a bar and cafe overlooking the arena.?

Evie did take a few days to get back on track once home as her health suffered and it meant she was tied to the house whilst she has treatment. But luckily she was well enough to work Breeze on Saturday and enjoyed a successful fun day at the friendly Willow Banks yesterday despite still being a little weak. There were smiles all round as Evie and her partner in the pairs secured 2nd followed by a keen round in the 80cm to take 5th.

As I was busy getting changed, Evie warmed the young horse Apple up even popping a couple of x-poles, so I think they’ll build a great partnership.


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