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Evie Toombes Update

Chris Price

“Evie had an incredible time at Arena UK, even though it was a step up for her.

Incredibly she qualified twice for the 95cm final out of over 100 entries in that class (top 25 finish). It wasn’t quite her day in the final where she faulted (which was indoors) but she’s certainly learnt from it.

The chance to compete at this venue through the summer has been a good investment and it’s somewhere Evie is particularly comfortable dealing with her health challenges due to support available there. She can certainly hold her own amongst the best at this level now which will serve her well as she progresses next year.

She finished the week with a canter session on the 4 year old “Apple” who was competing in the age class. As we go into winter Evie will progress to some dressage lessons with this lovely youngster.”




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