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Escape the Shackles of Stiff Joints

April 15, 2016 Chris Price

A joint is the place where two bones meet. If the joints are normal and healthy, movement should be smooth and comfortable. To stay comfortable, it is essential that the body creates sufficient quality joint fluid (synovial fluid) to lubricate the joint capsule and keep friction on the surface of the joint to a minimum. Whenever your horse moves, whether it be out in the field or during exercise, it puts strain on the joints, muscles and tendons in its body. This strain can cause damage on a daily basis, but when the body is healthy it is able to recover and repair itself quickly. Whatever level of work your horse is in, there are numerous nutritional approaches available to ensure he stays comfortable and moving freely for many years.

The Movefree range from Global Herbs is an incredibly effective selection of joint supplements, designed and developed only using 100% natural ingredients from all over the world. We know that the majority of horse owners prefer to feed their horses as natural a diet as possible, and with our supplements you can do just that.

The star of the Movefree range is Movefree Plus which enables mobility and comfort without the need for chemicals such as glucosamine. Based on Frankincense and Turmeric, known for their soothing anti-inflammatory type action, it is designed to give the body the nutrients it needs to feed the synovial membrane where joint fluid is produced. This then enables the body to create and maintain its own rich, good quality joint fluid to feed and bathe the joints while also soothing tendons and muscles. Movefree Plus is an ideal supplement to feed if you own a veteran, a hard-working eventer, or if you have concerns about your horse’s mobility and comfort levels in general. It can also be fed on a long-term basis if required with no adverse effects.

Even horses that don’t show any problems with mobility or comfort can benefit from a nutritional maintenance regime. With the subtraction of a few of the ingredients in the Movefree Plus, we created Movefree Maintenance. This supplement has been developed with everyday support in mind. Movefree Maintenance still provides the all-important Methyl Sulphonyl Methane (MSM) which is vital for the maintenance of strong joints in all horses, young and old, retired and competing. As the more economical option, the Movefree Maintenance is a popular choice for those wishing to maintain their horse’s joints naturally.

If you have fed herbal supplements before, you will know that palatability can sometimes be an issue – we have this covered. Our natural joint supplement is also available in a fast-acting liquid format, ideal for fussy feeders and those with more sensitive digestive systems.

Joints aren’t the only areas of concern when it comes to horses and their limbs – keeping tendons in good condition can also be problematic. By combining MSM, Frankincense and our unique immune system support formula, we created TendonEaze. TendonEaze has been specifically designed to give a complete approach to maintaining tendons in good working order. Not only can TendonEaze give superb support in terms of maintenance, it can also be incredibly useful when it comes to horses recovering from injury by providing the right ingredients and nutritional building blocks to help the body repair itself correctly.

Joints and limbs are designed to recover from wear and tear of everyday life and even in old age your horse should be able to move freely everyday, as long as he gets the right internal nutrition – amazing things are possible when we get feeding right.

To find out more about our range of 100% natural supplements for mobility, speak to our dedicated team of advisors on 01243 773363.

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