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Equine Joints | 3 Easy to Understand, Actionable Tips | Global Herbs

Chris Price

Winter is often the season when equine joints can really cause problems in the colder weather.When we go to the Dr and complain about uncomfortable joints the answer we are given is often, well it’s just ‘wear and tear’.  Even when our vet comes, the answer to ‘uncomfortable equine joints’ is just a shrug of the inevitable ‘wear and tear’.  The reality is that there are reasons why ‘wear and tear’ occurs more in some individuals than others,  nowadays they can all be dealt with natural methods and modern management.

Horses have accidents that can result in joint damage but there is much more to healing a break or bruise. What are the underlying causes of the sore joint?  How do we avoid stiff, clicking joints?

3 Overlooked Causes of ‘wear and tear’ in equine joints:

  1. Nutritional inadequacies: often linked with mineral deficiency
  2. Digestive concerns that cause: A) Poor mineral uptake B) Leaky gut leading to weak immune defenses C) Inefficient GI tract leading to toxins in the body which can damage joint cartilage
  3. Physical knocks and abrasions

equine joints

How to manage joint issues short and long term?

1. Nutrition

It is easy for a horse to suffer from poor nutrition.  This is because every horse is delightfully unique, they need an individual diet consisting of different levels of each mineral and vitamin.  No one set type of feed is sufficient enough for every horse.  GlobalVite provides a solution as it is super absorbable with its complexed chelated minerals.  In addition, many foods like cereals block mineral uptake from the necessary natural feed content.  Where mineral uptake is blocked in a high cereal diet, more help is needed with a formula like StrongBone which boosts the uptake of Calcium magnesium, and phosphorus.  MSM can be really useful to add in the missing sulphur for tendons, ligaments, and discomfort.


Most horses struggle to maintain a healthy digestive system,   A slight imbalance of gut bacteria means minerals and vitamins are not absorbed efficiently. A leaky gut results from gut bacterial imbalance and since a lot of the immune system is in the gut, the immune system becomes weak. If gut function is very bad, harmful chemicals leak into the body through the leaky gut and latch onto cartilage in the joints.  This causes inflammation in the joints and quickly leads to joint problems.

To help digestion we use Gut Support formula to really support the gut back to a healthy state.  Restore liver tonic works wonderfully as an extra boosting tonic when extra help is needed.

3. Accidents and damage

This is when we get the ‘Hero Herbs’ out.  We need to quickly calm things down, supply the best possible nutrition to the affected joints and tendons.

MovefreePlus is an amazing approach because it is supremely soothing but also dramatically helps with the manufacture of equine joint nutrition.  The best equine joint nutrition is through hyaluronic acid (HA) that the joint makes in the joint membrane called the synovial membrane inside the joint capsule.  When you feed MovefreePlus the body is prompted and able to make much much more HA.  Vets who work with synthetic drugs can only do this through artificially injecting HA into the joint with a needle.  When your horse eats MovefreePlus nutrition they get a natural nutritional booster every day.

Backing up Movefree we have Alphabute which is your quick soother that works the same day, feels just like an instant relieving massage.  We all know how good a relaxing massage can be.

Lastly, if your horse overreaches, extends, stretches its tendons and ligaments too much, always reach for TendonEaze.  This really helps the aiding cells divide, fast and furiously so your horse can be back to exercising as quickly as possible.  Safe to use routinely.

Global Herbs has a targeted solution for your horse this winter.


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