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Don’t Get Stuck in the Mud!

Chris Price

This time of the year we are all sick of the sight of puddles, mud and sludge, and chances are your horse is too!

Why not help your horse cope with the elements by feeding Mud-X Syrup or Mud-X Powder, giving nutritional support to the skin and keeping it strong and resilient throughout the cooler months.

Here are some comments from happy customers who have already discovered Mud-X:


Megan & Charlie

“Charlie loves going out in the field but sometimes struggles in the mud with four white socks. I found Mud-X easy to feed and it has certainly helped Charlie’s quality of life as this year he has been able to be turned out”


Pat & Rascal

“We have very muddy fields and one field in particular seems to be prone to producing nasty bacteria. Rascal is a grey horse so I need to do all I can to help during the wet and muddy months. He has not had any problems with his legs while on Mud-X, which I feed to help protect from within”


Jane & Flynn

“We have had success with this supplement in the past on a piebald gelding so we thought we’d try it on Flynn. We are on a very muddy clay soil with run off from a muck heap so it’s hard to get away from it. However, Mud-X has certainly improved the quality of his coat, and he was able to stay out longer this year compared to when he wasn’t on it last year”


Tamara Kelsey

“We have been delighted with the product so far, especially after last year when our boy was lame for nearly 3 weeks due to muddy conditions. So far so good!”




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