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Coat condition and shine

Chris Price

Question. My horse’s coat is lacking shine and is not as glossy as it used to be.  Can you help?

Answer. If your horse is lacking condition and coat shine despite a regular worming and good diet, it could be worth trying a course of Restore, our traditional liver support supplement. Restore supports digestion and absorption of food, helping your horse to look and feel good.

For every day health, we would recommend feeding GlobalVite along with Flax Oil to maintain good skin condition and shine. Most ordinary pasture is deficient in some way. GlobalVite contains the highest specification vitamins and minerals which are highly absorbable to maintain top condition, prime immune system stability and healthy joints, skin and hooves. Flax Oil is a well-known source of omega oils which is great for skin condition, body defences and suppleness.

GlobalVite 3kg-lowresFlaxoil 500ml-webRestore


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