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Charities we support

At Global Herbs we believe in giving something back, we support the following charities in order to help the volunteers give the best care for their animals:

Munchkins Miniature Shetland Rescue was set up in 2014 to rescue miniature shetland ponies from abuse, abandoment and neglect.

People4ponies is a pony sanctuary based in Devon specialising in helping wild and traumatised ponies. As well as being home to ponies that are too traumatised by their experiences of people to find “normal homes”, we are very pro-active and successful with our campaigning work.

Pagham Ponies meets all the needs of the horses here at present giving them a natural life in a loving environment. The sanctuary currently cares for twelve rescued horses and ponies. They raise money through donations and fund-raising at local events. Any money raised goes directly on the animals; on food, sanctuary, veterinary, dentistry and farrier bills.

Ferne was set up through the foresight of a local lady – the late Nina, Duchess of Hamilton & Brandon – who realised that men and women going off to war had no-one to take care of their animals and so would require a temporary refuge for them.

Founded in winter 2014, SAFE was established in response to a local crisis when 38 horses and ponies were left abandoned in a field in Binfield, Berkshire. SAFE is run by a small group of horse- loving volunteers across Berkshire and Surrey. They give up their time on a regular basis to help horses and ponies who have been abandoned or neglected, keeping them ‘SAFE’ and away from harm. The fundamental objectives of the organisation are the 3 R’s – Rescue, Rehabilitate and Rehome.

The horses come into the care of SAFE with a range of health issues, frightened and timid having had little or no human contact. The volunteers look after them, gain their trust over time and with the help of vets and farriers, nurse them back to a full bill of health.

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