Laura Geary

Laura Geary Update

18th August 2016

“We have had a very busy July and beginning of August, with Dinero at the BD Summer Regionals at Hickstead and Edd and Creme at Chilham and Borde Hill. Dinero was amazing at the BD Summer Regionals at Hickstead, (29th July) we finished 4th in the Elementary (silver). It was a bit frustrating because two […]

Laura Geary Update

28th July 2016

“Last weekend we took Edd (Nightshade) to his first ever ODE! Before then he had never done a dressage test on grass, never jumped a course of show jumps on grass (he had only ever jumped a handful of courses), and had never done a cross country course! He didn’t put a foot wrong and […]

Laura Geary Update

13th July 2016

Mixed results for Creme: “Recently we have been getting mixed results with Creme. His dressage is constantly improving and so far this season we have had a dressage mark that is less than 30 for every event! His showjumping has also been getting better and better as his canter is becoming more and more balanced. […]

Laura Geary Update

10th June 2016

“The last couple of weekends have been very busy, with all 3 horses competing on both weekends. Dinero and Edd have been out doing dressage for the last few weekends. On the bank holiday Monday we went to Cobham Mannor for Edd to do two Novice tests and Dinero to do his first Medium tests! […]

Laura Geary Update

23rd May 2016

“We had a great day yesterday with Dinero winning both of his Elementary dressage tests and Crème jumped really well at home. Dinero won E40 with 72.74% and E53 with 71.76%. I think this means that we have enough points to qualify us for the BD Elementary summer regionals. Recently we took Dinero’s shoes off […]

Laura Geary Update

20th May 2016

“Last weekend we took Crème cross country schooling at Matfield. He was still a bit sticky and unsure to start with, but once he got going he was really good. He jumped a lot more then we would normally ask of him and seemed to be really enjoying it. His next event is Borde Hill […]

Laura Geary Update

11th May 2016

“Over the last few weeks Dinero has had his shoes off because he hasn’t got very good feet and he doesn’t need shoes to do dressage; because of this he hasn’t done too much while he gets used to not having the shoes on. I have started to do more work with him again now […]

Team GH – Laura Geary Update

3rd February 2016

“Last weekend we had a quiet few days working Dinero and jumping Crème at home. This weekend we took Crème out cross country schooling, it was our first XC schooling session since September and he thought it was very exciting at the beginning! Once he had settled down he was really good and he jumped everything […]

Team GH – Laura Geary Update

25th January 2016

“Our last event of 2015 was a BD show with Dinero, doing our first elementary tests. We won both tests with 70% and 65%. It was a great way to end the year! We are aiming to qualify for the summer regionals at elementary level and then we might have a go at Medium! We also […]

Sponsored Rider Update – Laura Geary

7th May 2015

Laura had a great start to the season with Dinero finishing 3rd in the BE 100 at Tweseldown on his dressage score of 23, and Coast finished 9th in the BE90 with a lovely double clear. Laura then took Dinero to the Open Novice at the South of England Horse Trials where they performed a beautiful dressage […]