Movefree Plus – William’s Story

11th August 2016

William (Celtic Lad) is an 18 year old chestnut ID X TB gelding standing at 16.1hh, and is owned by Annie at Ripon Pet Supplies: “For the last 4-5 yrs William has been getting stiffer with intermittent lameness. I tried Movefree Plus and WOW, again your products work. What a totally different horse I have! When […]

Max Stays in Great Health with our Mobility Range

2nd June 2016

“My gelding Max was stiff in both hocks. He had treatment but he was lame on average 4 days out of 7. Then one of the other girls game across Global Herbs. I looked into your products and put Max on StrongBone and Movefree Plus. After just 2 weeks I noticed a massive improvement and he has […]

Ti-Free and Hocks to the Rescue!

2nd June 2016

Laura from GH stockist Game On Rearing wrote to us after using Hocks and Ti-Free on her horse Harry: “I started using Ti Free in October alongside Hocks and have noticed a huge difference. Harry’s range of movement has increased hugely and he is also much more supple through his rear. The physio came on […]

Movefree Plus – Hannah & Lottie

19th May 2016

“We have had Lottie Loo now for three years but have known her for around 8 Years now. Seeing her run riot round the field in her younger days with no troubles to seeing her getting a bit stiff and not so agile in her old age wasn’t the best thing to see. I did my research […]

Alphabute Super Helps Get Evie & Jess Back in the Ring

26th April 2016

“We had given up with our old jumping pony and the vet had told us to retire her due to lameness when worked. As Evie was without a ride we decided to give Alphabute Super a go with support from Global Herbs. Incredibly the pony was noticeably more comfortable within a few days and she […]

TendonEaze: Dawn & Monty’s Story

14th December 2015

“I would like you to put my experience on your web site as it may help other horses.  In May this year my boy went lame; he has a very easy life so it was totally unexpected.  After weeks of rest and no improvement I had him scanned and it showed that he needed an operation. Three weeks […]

Kathryn Thanks Global Herbs for her Horses’ Success!

14th December 2015

“I have used a number of your products and whenever I need a different one, the Global Herbs stand at my local feed merchant (Questeeze, Hemswell) is where I go first!! There are however a number of products I couldn’t compete successfully and train my two ex-race horses without: Shakefree SuperCalm Liquid SuperCalm Instant sachets […]

HOYS Success for GH Fan Clare Poole

25th November 2014

Global Herbs fan Clare Poole sent us an email explaining how well her ex-racer Buckingham Boys – stable name Lovely – did at HOYS in 2014: “Just thought I would let you know what an incredible time we had at HOYS this year where Lovely was an absolute super star, he held his own in […]

MoveFree Plus testimonial: Ginnie and Polly

7th August 2014

“I am totally amazed by the change in my 25 year old mare, Polly, after being on MoveFree Plus.  She now gives her 5 year old companion a run for her money and is absolutely on top of her game. We had a photographic day here in which Polly took part, demonstrating loose schooling.  Here […]

Mel and Fable’s story

6th March 2014

“I have been a customer of Global Herbs for a very long time now and have attached a couple of pictures of my boy Fable. He’s a 14 year old Connemara x Thoroughbred and is in tip top condition at the moment! I add Global Herbs TendonEaze, StrongBone, Garlic and Flaxoil to his feed. He has […]