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Alphabute Super – Sam’s Story

Sam 15 September 12 369

17th March 2017

Sam’s owner had some concerns about him and his feet over the winter and sought veterinary advice. “His vet put him on treatment to help, but despite being given it twice a day for 5 weeks, it was wearing off after around 9 hours leaving him quite uncomfortable and he had been on it over […]

SupaHoof – Sarah & Casper


20th January 2017

“In the summer of 2016, Casper’s hooves were shocking! His back hooves were cracked and crumbling. Not only this but he struggled to hold a shoe. I put him on Global Herbs SupaHoof supplement and removed his back shoes. The image on the right was taken in October 2016 and already in 2 months I can see a difference! […]

MuscleUp – Camilla Hardie’s Review

Muscle Up 1kg Front

13th October 2016

“At the start of the year, and eventing season, I tried Beau (pictured below) on MuscleUp. Coming out of winter and in hard work, I felt he needed an extra push to encourage his top line. He was on it for 4 months in the build up to competing at Badminton Grassroots to enable him […]

Lucy & Krunchie’s Story


21st September 2016

Last month Lucy got in touch with us to tell us her incredible story: “In 2011 I was proudly sponsored by Global Herbs with my horse Krunchie, aka Wanora G. He successfully qualified and competed at HOYS showing off his Global Herbs saddle cloth. Unfortunately due to personal circumstances I had to sell Krunchie in […]

TendonEaze – A Review by AP Equine Reviews

Tendoneaze 1kg Front

15th August 2016

“Global Herbs kindly sent me TendonEaze to assist in the healing of my horses soft tissue injury he did when he slipped in the field and injured his hock. I was really impressed with the advice the staff gave me when I spoke to them regarding which supplement was best for my horses injury and found […]

Turmeric – Lauren’s Horses Love It!


11th August 2016

Lauren won a tub of our Turmeric in our Friday Giveaway earlier this year, and we recently caught up with her to see how she was getting on… “I’ve been getting on really well, thank you! Dessie is now back in full work again and he’s moving better than he ever has since I got […]

Muscle Up – Emily & Ivy’s Story


11th August 2016

Emily from GH Stockist Gillett Cook sent in her feedback after feeding Muscle Up: “Ivy is an X racer and is 4 years old. I’ve had her for 2 years and she’s now developing and becoming an eventer. However, dressage and show jumping use a lot of different muscles compared to the muscles she used when […]

Movefree Plus – William’s Story


11th August 2016

William (Celtic Lad) is an 18 year old chestnut ID X TB gelding standing at 16.1hh, and is owned by Annie at Ripon Pet Supplies: “For the last 4-5 yrs William has been getting stiffer with intermittent lameness. I tried Movefree Plus and WOW, again your products work. What a totally different horse I have! When […]

Max Stays in Great Health with our Mobility Range


2nd June 2016

“My gelding Max was stiff in both hocks. He had treatment but he was lame on average 4 days out of 7. Then one of the other girls game across Global Herbs. I looked into your products and put Max on StrongBone and Movefree Plus. After just 2 weeks I noticed a massive improvement and he has […]

Ti-Free and Hocks to the Rescue!

Hocks 1kg Front

2nd June 2016

Laura from GH stockist Game On Rearing wrote to us after using Hocks and Ti-Free on her horse Harry: “I started using Ti Free in October alongside Hocks and have noticed a huge difference. Harry’s range of movement has increased hugely and he is also much more supple through his rear. The physio came on […]