Testimonial of the week


"I am amazed. I could not be more happy, my horse is transformed now! I was very worried about how to help him. I could not keep weight on him and he was losing muscle tone. After a month his muscles came back and he looks so well. His joints have stopped clicking and he moves so freely now. His coat looks amazing and he seems to be utilizing his food a lot better. " Jitka. West Chiltington, West Sussex. Nov 2019

Other Behaviour

Thoroughbred Calmer review: Susie and Zing

“I just wanted to say what a difference feeding Thoroughbred Calmer has made to my boy Zing. He’s still the same nosey, quirky boy he always has been but is just so much more relaxed. I am so happy I tried it. Thank you for your great product from one happy Thoroughbred and his even […]

RigCalm testimional: Natasha and Zak

“I use RigCalm every spring/early summer for my cob. Feeding Zak with RigCalm during spring/early summer keeps his excitable tendencies stable. It works fabulously as a calmer and keeps him focused. It is a fantastic product!” Natasha Hill      

RigCalm review: Stacey Thompson

“I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my recent purchase of Global Herbs RigCalm. “My 11 year old ISH gelding eventer, Armani, is normally very relaxed in the field, however recently has become distracted by the mares in the next field and started to get quite over-excited. “So, I started […]

ShakeFree Summer review: Emma and Inaya Bint Bengali

“My eight year old Arab mare, Inaya Bint Bengali needed some extra support during the summer months.  After eliminating every other possible cause, and many frustrating hours spent in the arena, I rang Global Herbs Helpline…they advised that I give the Shakefree Summer Formula a try.  I tried the product, and within 48 hours, Inaya was […]

FriskyMare testimonial: Louise Cumberland and Millie

“I bought my mare Millie a year ago, she is a 15hh coloured cob, very pretty with nice paces but needed a bit of bringing on. As soon as I got her I realised I had an issue with her moods and went through the usual to eliminate any problems – saddle, back shoes teeth etc. […]

SuperCalm Instant review: Nicky Blythe and Ted

Samantha Parsons from TCS Country Supplies wrote in after recommending SuperCalm Instant to Nicky Blythe for her pony Ted. Ted is an Exmoor pony, ridden by Nicky’s five year old son, Henry. Samantha explained: “The little pony [Ted] is well behaved at home but is only young. This year has seen them start to go to some […]

SuperCalm testimonial: Stephanie Brisley and Cindy

Stephanie got in touch with us after using SuperCalm and Acid-X on her 21 year old pony, Cindy. Stephanie said: “I would like to say that I use your products regularly and I really love them. Acid-X helped support my horse no end and the SuperCalm has made it possible to maintain my nightmare of a […]

ShakeFree review: Felicity Sparkes and Izzy

“I have a 16.3hh, Warmblood, chestnut gelding called Izzy who used to be so inconsistent in his head in the warmer months, he was almost unrideable. All this greatly impacted my dressage test results I would always get comments saying “tense horse” “unsteady in contact” etc.  I have tried all sorts of options over the […]

Zoe & Rocky’s story : Thoroughbred Calmer

  “Hello. We just wanted to let you know how brilliant the Thoroughbred Calmer is.  I’m a sceptic when it comes to supplements but this product has really impressed me! My TB x needs help at stressful times. We have recently moved farms which upset him so we tried him on it. He was on this for […]

AntiSuck Review: Jess Horn

  Jess Horn from Devon has kindly sent us this review of our AntiSuck supplement   ‘Feanor is a 7-year-old warmblood gelding, by the renowned stallion ‘For Pleasure’. I have had the pleasure of owning him for the past year. Feanor used to suck air and during last winter this habit got worse. I had great […]