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Camilla Hardie Update – A Successful Week

Chris Price

Dressage and arena eventing for Camilla Hardie’s team this week, and a few red rossies to boot!


“Managed a midweek excursion for some eventer’s dressage this week. Bailey did his first BE test, BE97, a new test to me also. He did everything asked and warmed up like a proper grown up giving me a huge medium trot which he has been hiding somewhere. Very exciting! We got 69.5%, for 2nd, and we potentially would have won if I had learnt the test correctly! I should have known that when a test doesn’t start with a centre line, it probably doesn’t end in one either. This resulted in me doing a comically tight turn at the end! Next time I learn a new test I will ensure I have an arena layout and read each letter properly…

Dougal then did Novice 110 and Intermediate 115. The Novice test we have done plenty at events, and we scored 73.7% for a win. Then the Intermediate, sadly all done in sitting trot… which needs practise! He lacks suppleness at the best of times (owing to his short neck and back) and this was exacerbated by him still thinking about his buddy left on the lorry. That made his trot super bouncy (that’s my excuse…). Still he was obedient and fun to ride, after riding him for 7 years I think we have a good understanding of each other. We scored 69.7% to win this too.

Here is Dougal in Intermediate 115, my white gloves aren’t helping matters!


Sunday we had a fun outing for jump loving Beau, to go arena eventing. As per usual he enjoyed himself and won both the 1m and 1m10, bringing us home almost in profit. Almost! Now their coats are changing and Spring is coming (I think), it’s time for them to each go on a course of Restore to get them feeling their best going into the competition season proper.”


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