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Camilla Hardie Update – Somerford & Tushingham

Chris Price

Camilla had the chance to use her hatcam out at Somerford, and Bailey has been enjoying some arena eventing at Tushingham!

Last week I had chance to take Beau and Dougal with a friend for a pre-season tune up to Somerford farm ride. It’s about 7 miles of all weather surface so combining some good fitness work with cross country schooling. Both boys were great, and I had the chance to use my new hat cam that I had for Christmas. A little footage of us here:

Then Bailey went arena eventing. Due to a little issue with the suspension on my lorry we decided it best to just take one horse, despite 2 being entered. Bailey was entered in the 90 and Beau in the 1m, so without wanting to waste entry fee I substituted Bailey into jump his first 1m. He’s never jumped a course that big, the day before I popped him at home just to see if he could jump that high! I needed not to have worried, he performed amazing at arena eventing, flying the 90 and then the 1m without a single glitch. Some might say, in better style than my experienced boys! Super pleased with him, look forwards to doing some eventing on him as he is so bold.

Bailey in the 90:

Bailey in the 1m:


More excitingly this week my supplies arrived from Global Herbs, so all 3 boys are on their Spring course of Restore to revitalise them for the forthcoming season.


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