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Camilla Hardie Update

Chris Price

“This week Bailey did his first combined training, at Tushingham. His other 4 dressage outings have all been prelim 7 so it was nice to go and do a different test of prelim 13, even if it did include give and retake of rein and 3 centre lines! He did a sweet test for his 2nd time on grass, even if he did ‘lock on’ to the rustic fences separating the arena from the practise area! On to the jumping, we were brave and did 70cm. Well, it was by far the best he’s gone (for his 3rd course of fences!) and jumped a lovely clear, all from canter with no spooks. Very proud again, even moreso when we discovered he had won with 70%. Here is a little video of us

Saturday we were off to Berriewood with Beau, his first time out since Badminton. I think I have been a little too kind to him giving him 7 weeks off competing, with lots of hacking, he was bored, bored, bored. Sadly, this was demonstrated very nicely in the dressage, after trotting up the centre line quite happily passed the flower pots, the next time passed them was terrifying and required a halt rein back, followed by an ‘expressive’ buck in his canter. As we were all all but last to go, quick change for the show jumping. In standard British weather form, it then started raining and I was quite concerned it would become slippy so really rode ‘with the handbrake on’ but Beau tried hard and jumped clear. Quickly onto the cross country, and he pinged around happy as larry, very quickly, I really need to remember the speed for BE100 is a little slower than Beau! Sadly our (his) blip in the dressage meant we finished 10th, but he was very, very happy to be out again, although after Badminton I think he feels he should have a huge audience every time!”


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