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Camilla Hardie Update

Chris Price

“After our trip around Llanymynech was cut short by the water jump, I decided this week to take Dougal back there for a cross country school, vowing not to leave until he’d got his feet wet! We stuck to the flow of the BE course and the first water comes up quickly, we jumped through each fence here with no problems, so jumped a few nice fences and headed to the 2nd water. There was definitely something about the novice fence here that he didn’t like or could not understand, but he was Not going to jump it. Thankfully, after standing in the water for a while, considering setting up camp, a much braver coloured horse gave us a lead and showed Dougal that it could indeed be jumped. In he followed, he didn’t like it but at least he went! The following day Dougal had a couple of iffy strides so after spending an hour convincing myself he had done something disastrous, I picked his foot up to find a burst abscess. It’s a shame he couldn’t have let me know his foot was sore! Earlier in the week I had decided to put him on Global Herbs Restore and Lymphblend, so this was a good bit of foresightedness which will hopefully give his system a boost after the infection.

This is us standing in the water at Llanymynech contemplating what to do!”

Dougal water contemplating

Onto Saturday, and time for Bailey the 4 year old to go to another party. Another dressage test, but with the added challenge of going cross country schooling afterwards. A new venue for his 3rd dressage outing, and he was as good as gold. We got 75.25% in prelim 7, just lacking a little balance, unsurprisingly. Then the fun bit, never jumped on grass, never jumped cross country fences, he was awesome! Straight up and down steps and through the water without a moment’s hesitation. I did have to remind myself to sit up and hold on with some pretty exuberant jumps, but he really enjoyed himself. (Photo above right)




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