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Camilla Hardie Update

Chris Price

Camilla took Bailey and Beau for a trip out last week, where Beau made it clear that he’d much rather be jumping than doing dressage!

“The last weekend in January I veered as close to BD as I have ever been… for a go at their new Combined Training series. Bailey was entered in the Prelim/80cm and Beau in the Novice/1m.

Bailey was up first and he did a nice test in the lovely big outdoor arena. He is getting better and better every outing. I had 30 minutes in between dressage tests so swapped onto Beau to do his, only to find out there were only 3 left to do the jumping in Baileys class. I had to push Beau’s dressage back and run back to the lorry to throw poor Bailey’s tack on to jump. After a very hassled warm up in a busy cramped indoor, we shot like rabbits in headlights in to jump. This was a new arena for Bailey and it’s a busy one, with a cafe down one side and plenty of fences to be jumped including 2 doubles in a 20×60 indoor. He went a little green but didn’t spook and jumped every fence in the middle and taking me, just dropping his toes onto a couple.

Quick rush back to Beau and he suffered from a slightly insufficient warm up, and showed his complete displeasure at being forced into dressage by stropping all through the canter movements, grunting and falling all over the place! Then followed a very long wait to jump and he just rolled a pole, but much preferred the coloured poles!

Bailey scored over 67% and was 4th after dressage but the jumping was costly. Beau just demonstrated that he much rather go jumping!”


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