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Camilla Hardie Update

Chris Price

Camilla has fallen victim to the rubbish British weather this week, but the horses haven’t gotten off too lightly!

“Bit of typical British Winter this week. Had entered to go arena eventing on Saturday, but with the weather forecasters foretelling biblical snow for Thursday night, they cancelled it with early warning. I searched for alternative plans, but if truth be told, I wasn’t feeling thrilled with the prospect of bathing ponies in the snow and standing round all day waiting to jump some British Showjumping accompanied by snowmen. I was also considering how dirty my beautiful new lorry might get!
Friday bought a mere spattering of the white stuff, so the horses elected a duvet day and I decided to do their final clips. Not the greatest idea when there are also high winds, got an extra layer of hair over me for my troubles!

More snow Friday night and torrential rain all day Sunday meant no horse shows and not feeling any guilt for it! The boys all got lunged and both cow ponies were wild, if only Dougal could put out this trot in a dressage test!

Dougal lunge


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