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Camilla Hardie Update

Chris Price

“It seems a long time since I have written an update, so long ago that it was last year. Since that time, I have been abroad on holiday where horses were a blissful distant memory. Santa had to deliver his presents to a hotel and the sun was lovely and relaxing. I landed into Birmingham, back down to Earth in 2 degrees and ready to get back on the horses. They had spent the week turned out for a little holiday and I think they were a bit miffed to see me home! Got cracking with hacking them all out to up their fitness and make sure that when the weather changes they can afford the odd day off.

The biggest joy is that the boys have new wheels. We received our new horsebox just before Christmas so I’m itching to get out. First competition was at the weekend, arena eventing at Tushingham. I entered Bailey in the 80cm and Beau in the 1m. Beau hasn’t been out or jumped since November and can barely contain himself, so I knew he needed a party. Sadly this also means he can’t keep his feet on the floor in the lorry so he was duly hobbled and told in no uncertain terms to stop pulling moves the Spanish Riding School would be proud of in my beautiful lorry!

He Irish jigged the whole way, but managed not to break anything. Bailey (now the 5 year old) was a dream and behaved impeccably for a super clear and 6th place. Beau was wild and spooking (the now 11 year old), and could barely contain himself so had an uncustomary fence down, for 4th place. He definitely needs more parties!

All 5 of my horses are on WinterBoost and have survived winter looking and feeling very well; from rising 5 year old Bailey to 32 year old Charlie, they are fairing much better than usual.

Photo below is from my last competition of 2016.”



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