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Camilla Hardie Update

Chris Price

“This week signalled Bailey’s first showjumping lesson, at a new indoor venue for him. We arrived in the dark and he marched straight off the lorry into the indoor full of show jumps and totally ‘got on with it’. We were joined by 2 other horses so it was a great experience for him. We came to the conclusion I hold on tight to him because the minute I let go we get a big canter and a huge jump! I’ve used the same show jump trainer for the last 15 years so I can usually understand the aims of the session. We ended by jumping a tiny upright across the school and then halting at the wall before the turn to teach him to slow up and wait for me a little. Some winter homework.

Armed with this new information off we went at the weekend arena eventing, bravely entering the 80cm and 90cm. Unfortunately they were running late with the times and the sun was dropping, he jumped a super round in the 80cm, but it was a bit dark for the 90 and he  had a misunderstanding at a birch rail as I don’t think he could see it. I think he was also a little tired as, in hind sight, one course of 22 fences was probably enough. He certainly jumped the 90cm much better though, and I am learning to trust him more. This was probably our last outings of a jam packed 2016, it’s getting a little too cold and dark and Christmas is starting to take over.

All 5 of my horses will continue on Global Herbs Winter Boost through into the new year. They are all looking and feeling on great form which is fantastic at this time of year.

Photographs by BGM Photography. Thought I’d include the entertaining leap over the hedge!”




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