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Camilla Hardie Update

Chris Price

“We have had a bit of a revelation this week, Bailey had the dentist. He’s had his teeth done twice in the year I have had him, including removing a Woolf tooth, but he has never been settled in his mouth. He had 3 baby caps still stuck, so time for the dentist.  He found lots of sharp edges, especially on the left side which corresponded to the side he was grabbing on with the bit and running off. All 3 of his baby teeth were popped off and all the sharp bits removed, whilst Bailey stood good as gold. The change is immeasurable. He is so much happier in the contact and accepting of the bit, steering and brakes are now totally installed.

Beau had a visit from the osteopath which revealed he must have done the splits with his front legs causing his wobbles last week. He subsequently felt a whole lot better after some manipulation.

Also this week I went up to Aintree to watch a Chris Bartle Masterclass with BE which was a fantastic opportunity to learn from a true expert in the world of cross country riding. It was especially interesting as a friend was a demo rider.

At the weekend Bailey and Beau went arena eventing. It was lovely to have my steering on Bailey, and Beau was super happy and feeling 100%. Bailey jumped a great round in the 80cm, but sadly as it was against the clock and we went the long routes, we had no placing. Beau too jumped a lovely round which he really enjoyed to take the win! Along with his osteopath visit, Beau has finished his month on Global Herbs Restore which really has rejuvenated him coming into the Autumn and reignited his enthusiasm for jumping.”



beau-rosette             bailey-arena-eventing


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