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Camilla Hardie Update

Chris Price

“Last week Bailey was entered for his first hunter trials, we entered the 80cm at Tushingham. It was the perfect introduction to competitive cross country, nice and calm and low key. Until I hopped out of the lorry and found I was parked next to Emily Gilruth! Muttering something under my breath about can’t go anywhere without being against professional 4 star riders, I discovered my competition was her daughter and now I had to be more determined not to be beaten by a 5 year old 🙂 

Bailey thoroughly enjoyed himself, but because of his growing, is strong. Unfortunately he had a run out at a skinny with tall sides that he couldn’t quite work out, but jumped it no bother 2nd time. He flew the enormous water tray and wall without noticing and finished full of confidence, not even built up a sweat!  So then I popped him around the 80cm clear round to dispel our show jumping demons from Bold Heath. Lovely, keen clear round, rewarded with a perfectly matching black and white rosette. He has gone quite lean and ‘bum high’ again so he’s having a little holiday now. He really needs to grow into himself to make his work easier. We’ve started him on Youngstock to help support his growth.

Here’s a link to a video of Bailey at the clear round:

Interestingly Dougal ran out of PolleneX last week, and I assumed that whatever had been irritating his respiration should have eased off now. But within a few days his ‘heavy breathing’ returned. This proves even more how much it’s working, I’ve had to order some more and hope that whatever’s getting up his nose disperses in the next month!”

Bailey Rossie


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