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Camilla Hardie Update

Chris Price

“This week my lorry passed it’s plating and came home Thursday, so Thursday I loaded up Bailey and Beau to take them on an outing! We just went to do some clear round as they have lacked practise, and I thought I’d pop Bailey round his first 90cm, ahead of his Burghley Young Event Horse class. I left home with some trepidation as I was travelling alone with a 4 year old and the naughty warmblood, but they both behaved impeccably. Arrived to realise that 90cm now seems huge on a green baby, but he tried hard. He rattled a pole which really upset him and threw my steering out the window for 2 more poles to be tapped, so we elected to pop round again which he did super for a clear round. 90 cm is easy peasy for him, he is so laid back and not at all spooky. Switched them around and popped Beau round the 1m and 1m10 which he thought was great fun, but not enough of an audience for his liking!

Friday I took Dougal off to Kelsall Hill for some XC schooling and trip up the gallops, just to remind him that the devil doesn’t live in water jumps. He was great, jumped everything, and didn’t bat an eyelid at the water. Got to keep his fitness up for the next few busy weeks.”

DougalDougal 2


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