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Brewers Yeast – Gaelann’s Review

Chris Price

Gaelann’s chestnut gelding was on little to no food and regularly came up against digestive issues. She trialled Global Herbs Brewers Yeast with hopes of maintaining a comfortable digestive system, and to also give a calming effect and support to the immune system.

Week One:

“Gosh the boys’ beds were messy, lots of poos! Although that is a good thing, possibly coincidence but amazing if the Brewers Yeast is working so quickly. The chestnut gelding seems back to normal in colour and texture of his urine and this weekend poos were less in amount (thankfully) and also not so wet.

Quote from mum ref the naughty chestnut ”what are you feeding him? He walked in to the stable on his own tonight without any barging”

Really pleased to have trialled this product, certainly looks like one to keep going with if this first week is anything to go by!”

Week Two:

“Chestnut boy’s ground manners are still improving so the calmer element is definitely doing its job and must be making his gut much happier as girthing isn’t an issue now. I am amazed at how much happier he has been, lifting his back legs and even stretching them for me, which he wasn’t managing before even on his expensive gut supplement!

Due to the weather and his past behaviour we haven’t chanced riding him this weekend with the high winds and rain, but I have saddled him up and lunged him and I’m really happy with his attitude on Saturday. He lunged without ‘whoopee!’ and was much easier to handle than before.”

Week Three:

“Managed to get on board in between showers on Saturday. He walked out really strongly which caught me by surprise a little bit as I thought he was thinking of launching, but in fact he was just striding out along the drive really nicely

I have been stretching his back legs whilst feet picking so hoping the farrier will be super impressed as well next time he comes to trim him. Now I need to roll back time two years and start feeding him the Brewers Yeast when all the issues started! He has been standing at the feed room door and licking the left over bits off my fingers!”


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