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5 Powerful Ways to Alleviate Flies For Horses | Global Herbs

Chris Price

Alleviate Flies For Horses!

Warmer weather means more activities to enjoy with your horse, but this also means we are approaching the dreaded fly season!

Even though horses are all born with a unique fly squatter (their tail) it never seems to be enough to keep away these annoying insects! Resulting in your horse receiving many bite marks, chips to hooves from the continuous stomping of them trying to shake them off, and distress from the annoyingness of them! To eliminate the worry of flies this year for your horse, we have put together a few tips on how to alleviate the problems that flies can cause.


1. Feed Flyfree as the ultimate approach

FlyFree is a unique and powerful supplement that is full of pungent herbs that flies will hate! It is the all-over solution to keeping away flies and midges to help reduce your horse’s fly worry dramatically. It works very quickly on the same day fed and we would recommend introducing this slowly, then feed up to 2 x 25ml level scoops twice daily. This supplement also reduces the need for toxic sprays that can be harmful to horses.


2. Use a Fly mask/Fly Sheet

Sheets provide many qualities for your horse such as wearability, breathability, durability, washability and maximum coverage.
Fly masks will alleviate flies away from your horse’s eyes and ears which will reduce runny eyes and irritation from bites on the face.

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3. Use stable fly traps

As flies love to congregate in barns, setting a fly trap will help to keep the population of these pesky insects at bay. These must be kept maintained and checked regularly for replacement.  Another way is by hanging a plastic bag outside the stable and filling it with water and a coin, this will create a reflection as the sun hits it which then causes the flies to become disorientated and therefore keeps them away.

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4. Use a citronella spray to alleviate flies

Our citronella spray is packed full of essential oils such as lavender, tea tree, and lemongrass which all help to provide soothing qualities for your horse. The combination of these oils makes this spray far more effective than other basic citronella sprays that are currently on the market. Which ensures to alleviate flies for your horse.

5. Dispose of Manure

One of the best ways to keep the fly population under control is by removing their breeding sites, otherwise known as fresh manure. By regularly cleaning stables and pastures etc, will help to keep the population down and we would recommend making sure that the way in which you dispose of the manure is as far away from the stable as possible.

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