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Horse Vices & Bad Habits

Crib biting, Windsucking, Weaving, Box walking, Rug Tearing

These bad habits or vices usually occur in horses and ponies as a result of boredom, anxiety or discomfort and sometimes even mineral imbalance. There is new evidence coming to light that indicates that in many cases stomach problems can cause enough discomfort to make horses bite and suck wind in exasperation. In such cases a build up of acids in the stomach needs to be alleviated by the use of Antacid mixtures. Stomach ulcers occur in around 60% of competition horses and 95% of racehorses but disappear when horses are put to pasture. They are mostly caused by feeding of concentrates. To address the problem of bored horses introduce playthings into the stable and if horses are anxious the use of calming feed supplements might do the trick.

Remember to address the cause of the problem when trying to tackle vices. Just using a calming herbal formula is not enough. Your horse may be playing up because he or she is bored silly or hurting somewhere or scared of the horse next door.

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