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Urticaria in Horses or Nettle Rash

About Urticaria
Urticaria in a horse is simply an allergic reaction of the skin to
  1. 1.Items in the diet
  2. Irritants such as stinging nettles (nettle rash) or some shampoos
  3. Flybites
  4. Or sometimes certain drugs (e.g. antibiotics).
Should I call my vet?
…Call your vet if:
  1. The head becomes swollen
  2. If fluid is leaking from the skin
  3. Your horse appears worried by the condition
  4. There is no improvement after one day
  5. If the condition appears to be a reaction to drugs. Your vet will probably treat the condition with antihistamines and anti-inflammatory drugs. Be careful with your horses diet and avoid barley and high energy foods. Just feed a bran mash at first with perhaps Epson salts. If the problem is related to something in the food 5 days of Psyllium may be useful to clean the bowels out.
How to avoid the condition of Urticaria
  1. Try and pinpoint what is actually causing the problem and of course avoid it
  2. Get rid of irritants in the field such as stinging nettles
  3. Protect your horse from flies.
Test new skin products on a small area of skin first and be careful of detergents you use for cleaning rugs etc.
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