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Ringbone in Horses

Ringbone in horses (aka Equine Ringbone)’ is a joint problem which occurs when excess bone is laid down around the edges of a joint. This may be because of abnormal pressure on one part of the joint or because of conformational problems. Poor bone density is one factor which may contribute towards severity of the problem. When bone is not strong enough it responds to pressure by laying down excess deposits of calcium at the site of the pressure. Poor bone density may be caused by dietary imbalance in minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus etc (see mineral imbalance section).

Ringbone causes pain to your horse because of the way the excess bone interferes with the normal working of the joint. Ringbone becomes more serious when the bony growth impinges on the inside of the joint and starts to cause degenerative joint disease.

Horse Ringbone (aka Equine Ringbone) is normally just treated with painkillers by your local vet.
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