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Bacterial infection

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Bacterial infections are the type that occur when wounds become infected. Bacteria are very small single celled organisms that are found everywhere in the environment and normally live in harmony with the body. Some specific types of bacterial infection have their own name eg Stangles but most infections are non specific and happen after an accident or weakening of the immune system.

Most bacterial diseases will clear up by themselves as the body gradually kills off the invading bacteria but the process of recovery is speeded up by the use of Antibiotics which are chemicals that were discovered to effectively kill off bacteria. Bacteria however do often learn how to defend themselves against antibiotics and develop ’resistance’. Antibiotics do however have disadvantages in that they kill off good as well as bad bacteria. This means that for example on the skin an antibiotic cream will make the skin weaker because it kills off all the good bacteria that are helping the skin work properly. The same is true of taking antibiotics by mouth ’ the antibiotics kill off all the beneficial bacteria in your intestines before they manage to get to the site of an infection in the body. This is whey many vets advise taking probiotics ’ to replace the good bacteria that have been killed off.

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