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Wondering which supplement is best for your horse? Or maybe you aren’t sure if certain supplements can be fed together? Have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions that we are sure will be of help.

If you still can’t find the answer to your question, give our Advice Team a call on 01243 773363.

Question. I have just started showing my five year old gelding but he can be a bit spooky in the ring. Is there anything I can feed to calm him down? Answer. SuperCalm is our most popular calmer and keeps your horse easy to manage and relaxed whilst… more details »

Question. My horse’s coat is lacking shine and is not as glossy as it used to be.  Can you help? Answer. If your horse is lacking condition and coat shine despite a regular worming and good diet, it could be worth trying a course of Restore, our traditional… more details »

Question. My gelding is playing with his food and seems to get gas after feeding… what can I feed that will help? Answer. For fussy feeders or those prone to gas, a useful product to try is Fennel. Fennel seeds support the stomach and can help the horse cope with… more details »

Question. Can you feed both FlyFree and Skratch together? Answer. Some of the herbs in FlyFree and Skratch do overlap and so they are not necessarily needed together. If your horse is suffering with the flies, it is best to feed FlyFree, which provides… more details »

Q. Where does your Flax Oil come from? A. Our Flax Oil is cold pressed, just like the finest olive oils, thus retaining the best nutritional value as well as flavour and is grown in Wetherby, Yorkshire by Nigel and Grace Liddle, along with their two daughters… more details »

Question. My mare gets really upset with all the local fireworks displays in November and the New Year. Do you have something to help? Answer. FireworX offers a special blend of herbs, minerals and magnesium to help horses cope with the shock of the loud noises and bright… more details »

Question. I’ve taken on a rescue horse, who is underweight with poor coat condition. Is there any supplements that will help? Answer. Our traditional liver support supplement, Restore, is an ideal product to keep your horse looking and feeling good and maintains general condition, growth and body weight in… more details »

Q: How to beat flies and itching? A: For a complete herbal program use the following: 1. Use GlobalVite and FlaxOil as the spring starts (GlobalVite should really be used all year round). This will help keep body defenses really strong. A little Black Salt… more details »

Q:     My horse needs some special nutrition for his joints, what do you do that may help? A:  For general maintenance of joints to keep in a normal healthy condition we recommend MoveFree Maintainance, but if you are needing more help, then more details »

Question. I have recently started feeding Laminitis Prone Supplement and also would like to try Rebuilder and Alphabute. Can you feed them all together? Answer. Feeding Laminitis Prone Supplement (LPS) with Alphabute and Rebuilder can be a great help. Although LPS is our main… more details »

Question. My horse seems to be affected when there is a high pollen count, what can I do? Answer. The summer months can cause many difficulties for horses as it can humans, and we would recommend supplementation with PolleneX. PolleneX contains a unique balance of plants which have… more details »

Q. Where is Global Herbs Seaweed grown? A. Our organic seaweed is grown in the North Atlantic in the Western Isles of Scotland and is processed locally on North Uist. The seaweed is harvested by hand, in a traditional manner. Skilled Harvesters, work at low tide and lay out a circle… more details »


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