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6 Brilliant Tips for Calm Horses | Global Herbs

Chris Price

Avoiding stress and keeping calm is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As with humans when otherwise calm horses get stressed it has a big impact on other parts of their body due to an imbalance. Research shows there is an intrinsic correlation between chronic stress and the body, which can lead to long term problems for the heart, blood vessels and the immune system’s ability to fight off antigens.

Small changes to a horses routine can lead to a big impact on their anxiety levels. Horses like routine and structure, simply out creatures of habit! Changes in environment, exercise and feeding routines can all be causal factors to increase stress; calming supplements ensure a smooth transition through some of these necessary changes. So what tips are there for calm horses?

6 causes of stress to look out for

Naturally Calm Horse Tips

Confinement’s Link with Calm Horses

Without thousands of acres for them to roam over how do we give them plenty of exercise without space?

Mobility is one of the most important parts in protecting them during periods of confinement, ensuring their joints and muscles work fluidly when they run around and play keeps the body functioning properly.  MagCalm is essential to ensure that your horse has adequate minerals, muscles work and repair effectively plus maintaining a relaxed state.

Confinement also makes horses fearful of day to day things such as blowing bags, objects out of place.

SuperCalm in all its form is a wonderful solution.

Naturally Calm Horse Tips 1

Nutrition’s Link with Calm Horses

How do they survive and thrive just on what we feed them?

Only the horse itself can choose exactly what type of food they need.  Every horse is an individual and as a consequence has different requirements to get the nutrition they need.  We can manage digestive difficulties by supplementing with GlobalVite which contains super absorbable minerals.

So many horses and people are short of magnesium, MagCalm can make a huge difference.  It contains super bioavailable protein-bound minerals that make a quick difference for your horse.

Naturally Calm Horse Tips 2

Companionships Link with Calm Horses

Just like us – horses are naturally gregarious, social animals separation anxiety and loneliness are huge issues. SuperCalm powder and syringes have been proven to be a real solution until new friendships are available. They can make a difference overnight by reducing nervousness and excitability. HerbalCalm is a pure herbal calmer without magnesium (for those horses that may be magnesium sensitive).

Naturally Calm Horse Tips 3

Digestion’s Link with Calm Horses

An uncomfortable GI tract can be the cause of multiple behavioural problems.

Severe or long term issues can be dealt with using GutSupport; a sophisticated prebiotic herbal supplement which encourages healthy digestion, normal droppings and appetite. Acid-X for the stomach a soothing gastric formula that uses a high-quality blend of herbs to maintain normal acid levels and stomach function.

Restore liquid liver tonic is the greater reviver which cleanses your horse by supporting the whole digestive system and gives that ‘pick me up’ they are seeking.

Naturally Calm Horse Tips 4

Hormones Link with Calm Horses

We all know that mares are affected by hormone changes. Formulas like FriskyMare can cope with these changes and works particularly well because it contains Vidanga fruit to naturally calm and level.  The Geldings are lucky too because RigCalm helps the males forget about their natural urges that should no longer exist at those levels.

calm horses

Discomfort’s Link with Calm Horses

Discomfort and soreness can impact your horse’s behaviour but can be easily missed. Identifying these signs of agitation such as head shaking, biting, kicking, bucking or changes in normal behaviour can help to start managing the problem and finding your best solution.

Global Herbs can really help with all these problems. Alphabute can be used to aid the bodies natural recovery process and turmeric has strong soothing properties plus supports digestion, skin and joints.

Take a look at the Global Herbs calming, behavioural range for your perfect solution

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