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Horse Pollen Allergies | Ultimate 4 Part Guide

Chris Price

During the summer pollen blows in the wind and allergies to them can cause many problems in people and horses including hay fever and rhinitis.  A pollen seed is a male structure that makes the sperm of the plant.  When it lands on the female part it quickly germinates and forms a tube-like structure through […]

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Cracked Horse Hooves | 4 Useful Tips For Prevention

June 15, 2021 Chris Price

Why do horse’s hooves crack? Cracked horse hooves can become a real problem and can appear for many different reasons such as environmental, genetic, nutritional, and conformational factors.  You may be feeding a perfectly scientifically balanced diet but still, find that those hooves still crumble and that infection is still likely. When hooves crumble, the […]

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