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Laminitis in Horses | 6 Signs and Helpful Solutions | Global Herbs

Chris Price

Laminitis in horses is hugely concerning for horses and owners alike. This term really just means inflammation (soreness) of the laminae in the feet. In a horse’s foot, there are sensitive laminae (made from blood vessels) and insensitive laminae made from the horn of the hoof. Sensitive laminae are the very fine membranes in the […]

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Top Concerns of Spring Horse Pasture | Explanations & 1 Amazing Solution | Global Herbs

Hannah Macdonald

Many of us worry a lot when the lush spring horse pasture arrives. Why should we be worried about a wonderful new source of natural nutrition? The trouble is our horses have delicate digestive systems which can be easily upset from any sudden change in diet. They ferment all their grass and fibre in an […]

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