Equine Joints – 3 Easy to Understand, Actionable Tips

December 11, 2020 Chris Price

Winter is often the season when equine joints can really cause problems in the colder weather.When we go to the Dr and complain about uncomfortable joints the answer we are given is often, well it’s just ‘wear and tear’.  Even when our vet comes, the answer to ‘uncomfortable equine joints’ is just a shrug of […]

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Mission surgery to show jumping and my horse’s health

December 8, 2020 Chris Price

Let’s get up to speed! Everyone is at different stages with their equines at the moment. You might be taking a break, supporting your horse’s health, preparing for shows or forming a partnership with a new horse- for me, it’s a little different. I’m currently recovering from major surgery (to form a stoma) and this […]

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