Horse Digestive System – Digestion Made Easy

June 23, 2020 Chris Price

Few people realise how key digestion is to their own health.  In the same way, the horse digestive system lies at the heart of keeping your horse healthy. Although complex, an understanding of how this system works pays dividends in other areas of health. The nutrients that are absorbed from food can only be utilised […]

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Top 10 benefits of horse stretching

June 9, 2020 Chris Price

Horse stretching is a vital part of caring for your horse and can sometimes be overlooked, even though it offers fantastic benefits, such as flexibility and suppleness that can help remarkably improve your horse’s health.  The benefits of stretching over time can lead to; improved muscle growth and tone, a wider range of motion in joints […]

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Keeping a Dinosaur happy; life in lockdown!

June 2, 2020 Chris Price

Keeping a Dinosaur happy; life in lockdown! Most horse owners and riders are lucky enough to now be able to ride, and hey- perhaps lockdown quite suits us in a lot of ways?  With unlimited sport and allowances for travel, we can enjoy the outdoors with our four legged friends (or enemies if you own […]

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