Top Tips for Building Your Horse Immunity

Top Tips for Building Your Horse Immunity

When we discuss general health for people, pets, or horses, the immune system is critical. All living creatures are exposed daily to pathogens, bacteria, and toxins. We cannot avoid them. Horses and their humans can stay healthy in spite of exposure by building and maintaining a strong immune system. When the immune system is weak this can result in a variety of ailments and skin conditions.

Here are some key points for immunities:

  • Good Nutrition – Horses who are underweight or overweight won’t have strong immune systems. They also require a diet that is rich in appropriate vitamins, herbs, and minerals. There are many horse immune system tips that can help horse owners.
  • A Balance of Good Bacteria – Healthy gut flora filters out toxins and keeps the skin and organs clear of disease. Probiotics, natural apple cider vinegar, and supportive herbs aid horses with good gut bacteria.
  • Herbal and Holistic Immune Support – Horse owners sometimes use strong medications and chemicals in hopes that this will aid with horse health. With skin conditions some owners try using steroids, and they see a temporary reduction in skin lumps. Unfortunately the use of steroids also lowers immunities and ultimately results in recurrence of health issues. The earth has provided us with herbs and natural remedies that are more effective and safer.
  • Stress Management – Just like people, horses suffer when they are under too much stress and do not have coping mechanisms to handle it. Some veterinarians are too quick to recommend strong drugs with dangerous side effects. Stress is much better managed with holistic treatments such as chamomile, winter cherry, massage, and exercise.

Specific Immune Deficiency Issues:
Certain health problems can be effectively helped by boosting the immune system with certain herbs.

During cold seasons horses can easily get bronchitis and upper respiratory strain. Holy Basil is an herb that differs from cooking basil and is very beneficial to the respiratory system.

Eczema, psoriasis, skin lumps, and infected bug bites are common issues for horses with issues in the immune system. Stomach ulcers and eye conditions are also frequent problems. Echinacea and Holy Basil are excellent herbs for all of these conditions.

Horses that don’t get enough vitamins from their feed can benefit greatly from the use of supplements and specific herbs. Amla is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine as an antioxidant and is a natural source of acidity reduction, indigestion relief, and controlling excess body heat.

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Overall, horse owners can have healthier horses and avoid expensive veterinary visits by using horse immune supplements.  One product known as Sarc-Ex contains the most important herbs mentioned here, which is excellent since some of these herbs are not often found all in one product. Pregnant mares are susceptible to health issues that can affect their young. Foals are still developing their immunities, and they need immune support. Elderly horses usually developed wear on the teeth that prevents them from absorbing all that they need from hay and grain. Older horses will have happier senior lives if they are offered supplementation for their immune systems. The immune system is very delicate in equines, especially due to their sensitive nature and reactions to stress. A solid horse immune booster is highly recommended for horses of all ages.