FlyFree – Nina & Tigger

March 6, 2017 James Evans

Nina left a review on FlyFree after purchasing a tub on the VioVet website:

“At first, I was a little sceptical about using a supplement to keep flies and midges away, but I was keeping my fingers crossed because we had a dreadful summer with them & used endless fly sprays & been through 3 fly masks!!

After about 2 weeks I didn’t see any difference, but I continued to feed it. Then suddenly, over night it all changed. We went from having to wear a full fly rug and mask, to being turned out naked for the first time in months!

My horse loves the flavour, always comes for kisses with yellow lips though…! It’s a very cheap product that really works, if you add up how much you spend on fly sprays and masks every year.

Highly recommend!”


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