Roo Fox’s Global Herbs Must-Haves

December 22, 2016 James Evans

Roo has been with us for just over a year now and she’s tried out lots of our supplements, so we asked her which Global Herbs products she couldn’t live without:

GlobalVite – “My whole yard is on this high spec. vitamins and minerals supplement and it just helps to make sure all the horses are getting what they need, all year round.”

WinterBoost – “My ponies spend their winter turned out, so for those guys that come in looking a bit poor it’s great – also very good for hunters and point to pointers at the end of the season to give them all-round support”

Restore – “This supplement comes in liquid which makes it a bit more palatable for fussy eaters, or a powder. It’s really good for any horse that’s been feeling under the weather and needs a pick-me-up, to get it back to tip top condition.”

Prebioherb – “I give this one to any horse who gets a bit loose on the grass or the haylage. You can also use Diareeze but I find Prebioherb works wonders.”

Acid-X – “Amazing, Tigga (Fleet Street) is a different horse on this supplement!”

SuperCalm – “Again this one comes in a liquid or powder form. Awesome for anything a bit buzzy or just for those that are feeling a bit fresh after winter holidays. Also, SuperCalm Instant sachets are ideal for horses due to be clipped, or for the first outing of the season which can sometimes be a bit too exciting.”

RigCalm and FriskyMare – “The names of these two are self explanatory, and they give great results!”

SupaHoof – “Changed my life. Perfect for those horses who get cracks in the hooves, lose shoes or generally have soft feet.”

SuperSkratch and Skratch Plus – “So effective for horses that are loved by midges and flies”

MuscleUp – “I am obsessed with this supplement, all my horses are on it and they all look great!”


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